A hazardous Southern California earth bicycle stunt close to a road got the consideration of the specialists.

A video posted on Kyle Katsandris’ Instagram account demonstrates a soil bicycle propelling over autos going on the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley. The awe-inspiring film demonstrated the biker propelling off a slope on one side over the expressway and finding the bounce on the opposite side.

The trick may have been viewed as a win, yet the biker and the gathering could be stuck in an unfortunate situation.


CBS Los Angeles announced Friday that the California Highway Patrol and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department were exploring the video.

It’s hazy what charges the doubles could confront. Be that as it may, a companion of Katsandris said the hop was not as brave as individuals think. The companion told CBS Los Angeles that Katsandris is an accomplished rider and the trick just looks more troublesome as a result of where the biker pulled it off.

One individual pondered what might have happened if the trick turned out badly.

“Turning into a danger to other individuals too. Not exclusively to himself. It’s not just about his wounds, it’s about other individuals,” the individual told the station.