KENT, Wash. — Police in a Seattle suburb were looking for a shooter Saturday who had shot a Sikh man in the arm and instructed him to “backpedal to your own particular nation,” the Seattle Times announced.

India’s outside pastor said on Twitter early Sunday that the casualty is distinguished Deep Rai and he told police he was working in his garage on Friday when the unidentified man moved toward him.


“I am sorry to learn about the assault on Deep Rai, a U.S. national of Indian cause,” Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said. He added that he had addressed the father of the casualty.

Rai told police in the Seattle suburb of Kent that the shooter is 6-foot-tall, white and has a stocky form. He said the man was wearing a veil covering the lower half of his face.

As of late, South Asians have been nervous after a lethal shooting in a rural Kansas City bar that the FBI is examining as a despise wrongdoing. Experts said observers to the shooting, which left an Indian man dead and another injured, said the presume hollered “escape my nation” before he started shooting.

In rural Seattle. Rai told police the speculate said he ought to backpedal to his country and the two got into a contention, as per the paper. It said t The casualty told police the man then shot him in the arm.

Sikhs have beforehand been the objective of assaults in the U.S. After the Sept. 11, 2001, assaults, the kickback that hit Muslims around the nation extended to incorporate those of the Sikh confidence, the men frequently recognized by a turban and a long facial hair.

Male perceptive Sikhs regularly cover their heads with turbans, which are viewed as consecrated, and forgo shaving their facial hair. The confidence originates from South Asia’s Punjab district.

In 2012, a man shot and executed six Sikh admirers and injured four others at a Sikh sanctuary close Milwaukee before murdering himself.

Police told the daily paper that the organization has reached the FBI and other law implementation offices about the case.

“We’re from the get-go in our examination,” Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas said Saturday. “We are regarding this as an intense episode.”

Jasmit Singh, a pioneer of the Sikh people group in the close-by suburb of Renton, said he had been told Rai was discharged from the healing facility, the Times revealed.

“He is quite recently extremely shaken up, both him and his family,” Singh told the daily paper. “We’re all sort of at a misfortune as far as what’s happening at this moment, this is simply bringing it home. The atmosphere of abhor that has been made doesn’t recognize anybody.”