Envision if your name was synonymous with a unimaginably prominent type of counterfeit consciousness.

For ladies with the name Alexa, the accomplishment of Amazon’s advanced associate has made the name both more unmistakable and also prodded inescapable jokes about, for instance, what the climate is doing (Amazon’s Alexa can give a climate report).

In December of a year ago, the tech mammoth said it had sold a huge number of Alexa-empowered units—nine circumstances more than the past Christmas season. The Echo is “formally standard,” as indicated by Slice Intelligence.

I addressed five Alexas for a carefree take a gander at how they feel about their name.


“It’s a gift and a revile,” Alexa Scordato, the VP of Stack Overflow, a site for programming designers, disclosed to Fox News. On the in addition to side, individuals perceive her name all the more effortlessly, she said—it’s more averse to be incorrectly spelled at Starbucks or misheard as Alexia or Alexis.

Be that as it may, Scordato additionally has an extraordinarily basic Twitter handle: @Alexa.

Also, no, much thanks, however tweets routed to @Alexa don’t have any official association with the advanced, Amazon-controlled Alexa.

“Having Alexa as a Twitter handle has unquestionably been somewhat hazardous,” she said.

All things considered, Scordato herself is not going to scoop a carport or playing melodies by REM for outsiders at any point in the near future, as individuals have discussed on Twitter with a @ specify of her handle.

Scordato doesn’t have an Echo, yet companions do, and it makes a little confusion. “They have Amazon Echos,” she stated, “and they’ll regularly say ‘We can’t discuss you!’ or ‘When I’m on the telephone with you that thing won’t quiets down!'” (Amazon permits clients to change the wake word to “Resound,” “Amazon,” or considerably “PC,” like in Star Trek.)


Alexa Shouneyia, web-based social networking facilitator for the site and a graduate understudy in music business at New York University, said that she has “turn into the Amazon Echo of my companions,” because of jokes requesting that her kill the lights or play music. She supposes the entire marvel is comical.

“When it first turned out, I thought it was somewhat cool,” Shouneyia revealed to Fox News.

“And after that I thought it was the universe’s most exceedingly terrible requital ever for me grumbling as a youngster that they never had any keychains or whatever else with my name on it,” she said with a chuckle. “What’s more, now it’s all around.”

The there’s Alexa Datt, who co-has a live day by day brandishes indicate called “The Morning Run” on She’s untroubled by the entire Alexa marvel.

“I’ve really conversed with a couple others Alexas,” she said. “Different Alexas appear to have a more grounded feeling than I do about it. They appear to be entirely furious, and I don’t feel that way.”

In any case, for audience members of her show, her name has its impact from a remote place.

“Individuals will tune in,” she said. “My co-host will state my name, and on the off chance that they wind up having the gadget, it can enact the gadget.”

A similar thing occurs for her better half, Peter Rosenberg, who has two radio shows. On the off chance that her name comes up on his shows, she gets reports of audience members’ Echos going off, she said.

“It’s truly really funny, since I get a content each once in for a moment,” she included, “or a tweet, that resembles ‘Goodness you simply set off my gadget, haha, they were discussing you on the show.”

Alexa Curtis, a way of life blogger, said that when it turned out, she thought the name decision was abnormal, however she likewise felt respected. She’s additionally never been quite a bit of a devotee of her name.

“Presently on account of Amazon, I’m at long last getting to be distinctly sure with my name,” she said with a giggle, regardless of the possibility that despite everything she does to some degree detest the name that she said her sister gave her.


Writer Alexa Pipia said that her companions (and in some cases outsiders) will joke around about it.

“They’re similar to, Alexa, what’s the climate? What’s more, I’m similar to, ‘alright, go outside and examine yourself,” she stated, chuckling.

It’s not a major ordeal—but rather still. “I adore my name so much,” she stated, cheerfully. “I would prefer not to have that relationship with an electronic gadget.”

“Alexa’s a genuine young lady’s name, it’s not a robot’s name,” she chuckled.

She was irresolute about the way that Alexa gadgets appears to have made the name more conspicuous and maybe more prominent—she preferred that it felt like an interesting name.