Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has requested a critical examination concerning the inappropriate behavior guarantee made by a female previous specialist at the ride sharing application who claimed her vocation prospects endured after she griped about advances from her supervisor.

In a blog entry titled “Thinking about one, exceptionally, abnormal year at Uber” the architect, Susan Fowler Rigetti, said she joined Uber as a website dependability build in November 2015 in San Francisco. On her first authority day with the ride-sharing application, Rigetti says her supervisor propositioned her in a series of messages on the organization talk. As it seemed to be “unmistakably out of line,” she took screen shots of the comments and reached the company’s HR division.

“When I detailed the circumstance, I was told by both HR and upper administration that despite the fact that this was plainly inappropriate behavior and he was propositioning me, it was this current man’s first offense, and that they wouldn’t feel good giving him something besides a notice and a stern tongue-lashing,” she composed. “Upper administration revealed to me that he ‘was a superior worker’ (i.e. had stellar execution audits from his bosses) and they wouldn’t feel great rebuffing him for what was presumably only a honest misstep on his part.”


The director is not named in the blog entry, which has accumulated broad consideration since it was distributed Sunday.


Rigetti says that she cleared out the group. In any case, she said as she attempted to advance in Uber, she discovered her direction blocked. She asserted that sexism was wild in the organization, and that when she brought up out at an organization meeting, she was repelled.

Uber boss Kalanick reacted rapidly to the cases. “What’s depicted here is despicable and against all that we have faith in,” he tweeted Sunday. “Any individual who acts along these lines or thinks this is OK will be let go.”