SpaceX scoured a rocket dispatch Saturday from NASA’s notable moon cushion in Florida only 13 seconds from liftoff.

A specialized issue is being reprimanded for the postponement.

On Twitter, NASA said the rocket has a “pushed vector control issue.”

The issue with the second-arrange push control really sprung up a few minutes prior. With only a solitary second to get the Falcon rocket airborne, flight controllers couldn’t resolve the issue in time.

The unmanned Falcon was on a space station on a conveyance mission.

A moment dispatch endeavor from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A could happen Sunday.


A huge number of visitors had stuck the space focus to witness the rebound of 39A, last utilized as a part of 2011 for the last space carry flight. “Hold, hold, hold!” a dispatch controller asked over the radio circles, to everybody’s mistake.

“Remaining down to investigate situating of the second stage motor spout,” SpaceX said later by means of Twitter.

Platform 39A was the place Americans traveled to the moon right around a half-century back.

This will be SpaceX’s first dispatch from Florida since a rocket blast Sept. 1. The mishap amid prelaunch testing vigorously harmed that cushion. SpaceX swung to Launch Complex 39A — which it leases from NASA — to resume flights. The organization wants to dispatch space explorers from 39A one year from now.