Life hacks” are addictive. Possibly you settled a running latrine with a paperclip. Then again you transformed a reddish old entryway into a stopgap foot stool. You took a gander at your development with pride, since you scavenged in the carport and jury-fixed something that worked.

There are numerous “tech hacks” that offer straightforward answers for ordinary advanced mishaps. Here is a rundown of my top choices. Most are simple and prompt, however there’s one to grasp your internal MacGyver that ought to take you a couple of hours.

Make certain to watch the video exhibits, so you won’t miss a stage.

Enhance your telephone’s speakers

Cell phone speakers aren’t intense, which is the reason a great many people associate their telephones to earbuds or Bluetooth stereo apparatus to truly make the most of their music and podcasts. (On the off chance that you have Apple AirPods, click here for cunning approaches to abstain from losing them.)

In any case, in case you’re when there’s no other option for sound, put your telephone into a dry container or bowl and point the speakers descending. You’ll be dumbfounded how much louder your sound will sound. The hack takes one moment to set up. Simply recall to utilize clean mugs!

Need to hear how much better it sounds? Click here to see my video showing.

Make DIY speakers from family unit things

Wasn’t that good times? We should take it to the following level: You can make your own particular speakers. All you need is a vacant barrel, for example, the cardboard tube you find really busy wrapping paper, a Pringle’s sleeve, or a two-liter pop container.

Removed an opening or include an indent that fits your cell phone’s body. Ensure you’re fastening the telephone so that the speakers are confronting into the tube. The sound will reverberate inside the barrel, and the expanded volume and higher quality will astound you. In case you’re feeling aspiring, you can utilize essentially any building material, including PVC pipe.

Keep in mind, every material and shape will influence the sound in an unexpected way. Click here for a slideshow indicating what these artificial speakers resemble.

Transform your old tablet into an advanced picture outline

Most tablets get overhauled each year or two, so once you’ve obtained your latest one, what do you do with the old gadget?

You can transform a few tablets into an advanced picture outline, which you can put on any dresser or hearth. Flaunt your get-aways and family photos, and switch the landscape at whatever point you like.

Essentially stack up a website like Photosnack, which pulls photographs from your online records like Facebook and Flickr and naturally gathers a slideshow for you to appreciate.

You can likewise utilize the photographs as of now put away on your tablet and make a continuous slideshow. Not certain how? There are various committed slideshow applications that make it simple.

Need significantly more uses for an old tablet? Click here for nine more hacks you can attempt.

Support your Wi-Fi flag

Would you trust you can utilize an old CD and a coat holder to enhance the Wi-Fi motion in your home? Sounds insane, isn’t that so?

This trap is somewhat more modern than dumping a telephone in a bowl, yet in the event that you’re understanding, you can pull it off. Notwithstanding the CD and holder, you’ll require a plastic CD case, a paste firearm, a couple of wire strippers, and a coaxial link.

In short: You need to design a reception apparatus out of the garments holder, which will resemble a precise figure eight. Stick the CD to the plastic compartment it came in. At that point stick the radio wire onto one end of the coaxial link and string the link through the center of the CD’s case.

The last item ought to resemble a little satellite dish. Click here for a full video instructional exercise about how to support your Wi-Fi with family unit objects.

Test your remote control’s batteries

Regularly, when you need to check the batteries in your remote control, you need to expel them. Possibly you have an analyzer, or perhaps you simply need to stick your twofold As in another gadget.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an iPhone, simply switch on your camera and go for the remote. Taking a gander at the iPhone screen, you ought to see the small light that lights up when you press a catch.


A camera telephone can enlist that light superior to the bare eye, so if your remote has any vitality left, your controller ought to radiate a diminish light. On the off chance that you don’t perceive any light by any stretch of the imagination, that implies your batteries are formally done.

Click here for a video show of how to do it.

Utilize Alexa to discover your telephone

You’ve looked all over the place: the kitchen, the sanctum, the auto and even underneath the lounge chair. In any case, you can’t discover your telephone anyplace. There’s nobody around, so you can’t request that somebody call you and tune in for a ring tone.

Fortunately, you can swing to your Amazon Echo and say, “Alexa, trigger discover my telephone.” Echo will then call your telephone, and you can take after the ringtone or vibration to its area.